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Zizin 3 street, bl 6, sc B, ap 15, 500403 Brasov, Romania

Phone +40268322442 • E-mail

Răzvan Bocu



Meant to be read by all the interested people. It is also meant to be a very essential presentation of my life and my abilities.



[  1989-1997 ]    School no. 8                                                       Brasov

[  1997-2001 ]     Computer Science College                              Brasov

[  2001-2005 ]    Student in Computer Science and Sociology

                          at the Transylvania University of Brasov                                                                                                                                 Brasov

§         I presently attend my last year of the faculty and I am preparing to graduate.

Interests and activities


·         I am very keen on studying inside the Computer Science field; a short description of my abilities includes: Java, Delphi, C#, C, C++, artificial inteligence, object oriented programming (OOP) etc.

·         I am very keen on studying social sciences, too, and this results into my aim of graduating both Computer Science and Sociology.

·         I use to participate to scientific activities in Computer Science and even in Sociology.

·         My student and pre-student activity was featured with mobilities abroad, such as the scholarship in Delft, the Netherlands, which took place during the spring 2004.



·         Romanian: mother tongue;

·         English, level: excellent;

·         French, level: excellent.



·         I like to read good books;

·         I like very much history, and especially the Romanian history;

·         I like almost every kind of sport;

·         I like trips and I love to walk in the middle of the nature;

·         I like movies, but only good ones.